Georgian Brand Of Knitwear Clothes

A Secret Dream…


The brand LALO CARDIGANS was founded by twin sisters Lalo and Nina Dolidze in 2012.
But the unusual story starts back in student years of Lalo Dolidze, creative director of LALO Cardigans. While she studies subjects not related to fashion in the University, she has a secret dream of owning her own brand and keeps craving for the fashion world, but she can never really imagine herself as a fashion designer.




How Dream Came True ….

Lalo was very good at knitting and had a special love for knitted pieces, so she started wearing cardigans and sweaters made by her. After a while her sister Nina encourages her and twin sisters decide that it is time to share their love for cardigans to the world … And they establish LALO Cardigans, brand was instant success… LALO Cardigans grew in to a bigger and bigger company ….with more and more staff ,  It was like a dream ….  





Two unique souls united by birth

At Lalo Cardigans, Lalo is  creative director, while Nina runs business.

“We are always a duo! “- They say 



Lalo draws her inspiration from Nature’s most unique and beautiful features.
Often using for the collections shapes and silhouettes of different flowers and plants.

In 2016 Lalo Dolidze launches a new line “LALO” , She uses an original mix of exquisite intarsia, finest special yarns and blends, hand-painted natural yarns from Caucasus crafted in endless combinations to create an exclusive and unique textiles for Lalo collections.


Brand : LALO

Photography : Tedo Zurashvili

Location : Museum Hotel Tbilisi